How is social media used in campaigns?

Social media is a powerful tool crucial in circulating political news and propaganda. It has the power to change the message and the values and dynamics of political conflicts. Hence, using the might of social media in political campaigns can have a positive effect if utilized correctly.

Social media users rely on networking platforms as political news and information sources. Keeping that in mind, campaign managers and political candidates can use this communication platform to persuade and influence voters’ opinions.

Here are two ways you can use social media in political campaigns.


  • You can highlight your fundraising efforts on platforms like Facebook, which has the potential for a massive fundraising force. Running political ads is another way to draw attention to your campaign. Moreover, you can request donations through secure links and encourage audiences to contribute.
  • Social media marketing is a great way of connecting to potential voters, but that cannot be possible if you face low engagement on your social media accounts. One proven way to boost engagement is consistent question/ answer sessions. This gives followers the opportunity to interact with political figures and is also a way of showing that you’re willing to listen to varying opinions.
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