It is vital that political figures post on social media regularly. This can help their cause in several ways. By staying socially active, political figures can connect to their audience at a deeper level and give them a sense of security with their regular presence. Moreover, frequent posting allows audiences the opportunity of getting to know public figures better as opposed to the figures who have a lower social media presence.

Here are a few reasons why staying active on social media is good for their campaign.

1. Over 67% of American internet users are active on social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Therefore, we can safely say that these social media platforms are as far-reaching and resourceful as national newspapers and NPR. Political figures can use these statistics to their advantage and grow their supporter count through regular posting.

2. A politician is as good as their public image. Knowing that thousands of potential voters use social media platforms regularly, connecting to the masses through the same media can help form a politician’s good reputation. This is a chance for political figures to create a positive perception about their campaign and themselves.

3. Nowadays, young voters are very vocal about their political preferences and opinions on social media. They publish their views publicly and encourage their friends and family members to vote for the candidate they believe in. Also known as the social vote, it can benefit a candidate greatly during a campaign.